You Me At Six and SUCKAPUNCH

You Me At Six and SUCKAPUNCH
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SUCKAPUNCH, the new unbelievable album by You Me At Six is out.

SUCKAPUNCH, the new unbelievable album by You Me At Six and it is the seventh studio work for Underdog Records / AWAL, to mark the 15 years of activity of the rock band made in UK.

We are thrilled to to share with you the opportunity we have had to interview them talking about this ambitious and exsperimental album recorded in Thailand.

We also took the opportunity to ask some questions about the period we are living in.

How much your past experience and background, spent traveling since the beginning of your career, helped you in composing a “puzzle” so dense with genres, sounds and meanings like SUCKAPUNCH?

I think ultimately everything we’ve done has been an accumiltive factor to this record. Every previous album, every previous tour have contributed to this band sounding and feeling the way it does on SP.

Let’s talk about MAKEMEFEELALIVE. Verses like “Where is Your empathy” and “Age Sex location divided as a nation” are very strong. The same lines “Sell the kids the dream | We’re on the same team | Let’s build their self esteem | Just to fucking tear it down again” are the real picture of the world we live in, that seems without mercy for the people’s future. Do you think the world needs more empathy and understanding? And also, perhaps, social justice?

I think the world is in a pretty fragile postion to be honest. We have become divided in more ways than one but i think that human beings at their best still have the ability to switch it all up. We seem to be in this place where we value only what matters to ourselves but fundementally there is a commonality between us all, which is we are fighting against injustice in some shape or form.

One of the best memories I have about live music I attended and worked on, dates back to 2017. You were in Italy for the Rimini Park Rock live and you were the opening act to Biffy Clyro. I was the press officer back there and I was dancing under the main stage and before Take On The World Josh said: “Be who you are and love whoever you want. Let’s all hug each other, the world Is one”. In a period where hugs are forbidden, how much do you miss contact with your audience and in general, what is the thing you miss the most?

The thing i miss the most is our fans. I miss the connection we experience when they all come into our house for one night. Under the same roof and we essentially celebrate life for an hour and a bit. I miss talking to human beings even when its triviual, i think we are all sick and tired of what is happening but people are losing their loved ones & others are on the front line trying to preserve life, we are lucky.

In “Finish what i Started” you deal with a very important theme, the mental health which, even in the music world, it’s been and it is a persistent problem. Do you believe that the role of musicians and their songs must also have the task or duty to unhinge taboos and lead the audience to talk about mental illness in an open way?

This may sound harsh, but musicians don’t have a duty to anyone but themselves. I don’t expect others to follow in our footsteps, to talk about difficult subjects or even have transparent conversations with their fans & offer support and share experiences in these issues. I think the only duty we have as people is to show humilty & acceptance to everyone we share this planet with. Life is complicated and music is certainly a vehicle to make that ride a little easier. If our music helps people, if we can help people, then i don’t see that as a duty but instead a great honour and responsibility.

Each song of the new album recalls some previous song and then, departs from them: it’s like you have the ability to experiment with everything and when It’s enough with that path you immediately change. It’s not the first time you carry on the flag of experimentation even if in this album it is perceived even more. How many tricks do you still have? Any spoilers for TSCK readers?

Ahhhh good question. The most exciting and liberating thing about being part of this band is i never know which turn its going to take, you’ll just have to wait and see.

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